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Food and Drink



My Mission

As a registered dietitian, who has worked in the healthcare field for nearly a decade, I have seen first hand how diet culture and society can negatively influence one's body confidence and overall mental and physical health.


My passion is to empower you to put you first and gain the knowledge and skills for a more balanced lifestyle. I will provide you with the science so you feel confident making the educated bites.


I practice what I preach. My personal relationship with food, is an "all foods fit" approach while incorporating intuitive eating practices that is maintained long-term.

everyBODY deserves nourishment 

Our bodies don't demand perfection; we put that pressure on ourselves when it comes to our nutrition.


What's healthy? What's unhealthy?


Whether you are a parent of a "picky eater" trying to get them to eat, have a teen struggling with body image, or are personally wanting to make peace with food, let's make sense of food together

Food & Family

I recently had my second child and my goal after this pregnancy was to take better care of myself. I realized that after my first pregnancy I put myself last in all areas including nutrition. I have always wanted to learn about nutrition. I did not learn much about it growing up and my husband does most of the cooking. I decided it was time to learn and grow in this area that has been lacking for so long for me.

I began my search for a dietitian and was so excited to find Gabrielle with Educated Bites. Her focus on education was exactly what I needed! I was a blank slate and so eager to learn! Gabrielle was able to provide me so much information - breaking down basic nutritional facts, personalized nutritional goals/needs with a meal plan, and nutritional goals and information for my young growing family.

After working with Gabrielle, I now have so many tools/information to be more confident in the kitchen! I now understand what a healthy meal plan looks like for me and my family. That knowledge is so empowering and encouraging. I know now what steps to take to care of myself in a why I never had before and by extension by family.

I am so grateful for Gabrielle! She was friendly, very knowledgeable, and not judgmental in any way. She listened and personalize everything to fit my needs. She went above and beyond to make sure I felt prepared. I would highly recommend her services!!


- Caitlin K.


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